Tom Hovey

Tom works with organisations to translate their business objectives into successful websites and software.

How do you integrate several competing business objectives into a single digital product?
How does that product communicate coherently to different audiences on different platforms?

Tom Hovey

Tom enables businesses to quickly explore the digital opportunities and limitations at the outset of any project. This results in making faster and better decisions about how to prioritise and optimise digital expenditure.

Tom combines digital experience with curiosity, creative thinking and communication skills. Tom works closely with key stakeholders to capture and clearly communicate the business objectives, product architecture and content strategy.

This work is then used to create tenders and/or brief the IT department or external agency responsible for building the website or software.

Tom has been developing digital products for local and global businesses since 1998, in both New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

Tom’s expertise ensures that:

  • Different business objectives are coherently integrated into a single product.
  • Every pixel on every screen works towards achieving the business objectives.
  • A more accurate time/cost estimate can be provided for building the product.
  • Build time is shortened because the development team can hit the ground running.
  • Meaningful and ongoing evaluation and testing can be undertaken.

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